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I decide

with the support of people I trust.

Stand with people with disabilities and their loved ones.

Ask the Florida Legislature to pass a Supported Decision-Making Law!

A decision-maker and a supporter smile with their arms around each other.


People with disabilities deserve to decide where they live, who they love, who their friends are, and what kind of life they want. A Supported Decision-Making Law will let people with disabilities choose, and keeps loved ones involved.

Protecting the Right to Decide.

Keeping loved ones involved.


People with disabilities deserve more options to get the help they need with making decisions and carrying out tasks.

When people with disabilities need support with decisions like choosing where to live or deciding how to spend their money, there are few options. This leads to overuse of guardianship and guardian advocacy, two laws that allow a person's rights to be taken away and given to someone else to exercise for them.


How we choose to use our rights makes us who we are. While some people may need a

guardian or guardian advocate, it is not right for everyone. 

A Supported Decision-Making Law will give families more options!


Supported Decision-Making (SDM) allows people with disabilities  to keep their rights and make their own decisions with the help of people they trust. 

A Supported Decision-Making Law will make it easier for people with disabilities to use SDM. It will include a sample SDM agreement and explain the responsibilities of supporters. The law will also require judges to consider SDM before they take away someone's rights.


Who We Are

SDM4FL is a non-partisan coalition of disability rights and advocacy organizations, self-advocates, and parents working together to pass a Supported Decision-Making Law in Florida. 

Disability Rights Florida
The de Moya Foundation
Center for Independent Living of South Florida
Florida Developmental Disabilities Council
The Advocacy Network on Disabilities
Florida Self-Advocates Network'D
Catalyst Miami
The Arc of South Florida
The Arc of Florida
Florida Association of Centers for Independent Living
Florda Center for Inclusive Communities
University of Miami - Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

Click below to read stories and watch videos of more decision-makers and supporters discussing how they work together using Supported Decision-Making.


In 2016, Michael Lincoln-McCreight became the first person in Florida to terminate his guardianship using Supported Decision-Making. From being unable to leave his group home without permission or vote in elections, Michael now lives in his own apartment, works as a security guard, and co-chairs our SDM4FL coalition.

Michael Lincoln-McCreight stands, smiling, wearing his security guard uniform.
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