Tyler Burns

Meet Tyler Burns, another Florida Supported Decision-Making (SDM) pioneer!

Tyler likes to wear blazers, because he says CEOs wear blazers and are in control of many decisions. Using Supported Decision-Making, Tyler is the CEO of his life. 

After turning 21, Tyler and his mom wanted to find ways for her to continue supporting Tyler in making his own decisions. Tyler’s mom did not want to pursue a guardianship because she wanted Tyler to continue having freedom and agency in his life.

Tyler thinks of his mom, sister, and father, who serve as his supporters, as his assistants. They help him by giving him advice and assistance. He makes his decisions.

Tyler's Supported Decision-Making Agreement (SDMA) has pictures and is audio recorded. It is tailored to the way he processes information. 

In the future, Tyler hopes to have his own house (preferably a mansion) and a good job, among other things.

You can listen to Tyler on the You First Podcast here.

Tyler Burns.jpg

"I am the chief, CEO."